Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lab Recording 10 June

11:45 AM

Rikenstein: I am afraid you are quite wrong, William.

Psychobilly: But just consider it, doc, as a possibility.  Not everyone uses the same set of definitions.

Rikenstein: That is why we have dictionaries, William, so that persons with different vocabularies can communicate.

Psychobilly: I'm just saying that a space man does not have to come from Mars to be a Martian.

Rikenstein: Yes it does, William.  De facto, categorically and by definition, a space man must be from Mars to be a Martian.

Psychobilly: What if he was a Martian born in Nebraska?  He'd still be a Martian only he would also be a Nebraskan.  Only you wouldn't call him a Nebraskan, now would you?

Rikenstein: No, that would still be a Martian.

Psychobilly: Right.  So what we have locked in the other room is a Martian from some other planet.

Rikenstein: This is your concern?  Not the potential invasion of our world by an alien species?  What to call it?

Psychobilly: Oh that's not a concern.  I decided to call him "Ted".

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